A Few Things I'm Excited About: CJ Cregg Edition

ANNOUNCEMENT: I prematurely declared Katy Perry's Roar to be my Jam Of the Semester. I was wrong and I apologize. Clearly it is this. Rageful dubstep + things that are supposed to taste like pumpkin = Fall delights for everyone!

La Reunion Jewelry (handmade by a friend of a friend!) just put their Wolf necklace on sale. I have loved it forever. I would like for one of you to please buy it and wear it and love it because I cannot.

Several brilliant people (how well they know my taste) have directed me to Jana Ramanova's photos of expectant couples sleeping. They are stunning. I also adore Ramanova's  description of her process:

"When it was possible I stayed with the couple at their apartment at night to make a picture at around 5-6 a.m., mostly on weekends, when people want to sleep and don't really need to wake up for work," Romanova said. "When it was not possible, I tried to come around 5 a.m., waited in the kitchen while they were asleep, and then took the picture."

So intimate and lovely.

Super amped to cook up a huge pot of this sauerkraut soup on Saturday, because, well, look at the list of ingredients! Rachel and I ate it in-house at Veselka last year on a whirlwind 36-hour trip to NYC and halfway through our meal a famous actress approached us and asked us to watch her toddler because her husband was having a a diabetic crisis. I'm serious. Eating this soup at home should be marginally less exciting but equally delicious.

Finally, let me just say: you know who would NEVER have allowed our Federal Government to just shut down will-nilly? THIS LADY.

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