Places: Nelson Farmer's Market, Nellysford VA

There are about a million things to love about the Nelson Farmer's Market, not least of which was the BRIE AND APPLE TURNOVER I ate there, but foremost in my mind is the fact that kids really seem to run that place. Everywhere I looked, there were flocks of kids roaming free, totally comfortable and having a blast. I remember that feeling of ownership so vividly from childhood-- being in a public place, dominated by adults, but feeling safe and authoritative because I was the one who knew where the good stuff stuff was, and I knew all of the important people, and I was the one having the most fun. It was the best. 

Beyond that, there was live music,  impeccable meat and eggs from Spruce Creek Farms, gorgeous hand-died yarns and sheepskins from Black Twig Farm, Trager Brother's Coffee fresh from the source, and baskets and baskets of GARLIC SCAPES. I wish I could go there every week!

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