Weekends with Z: That gunk we put on our faces

Life is always better with my small, powerful, hilarious, buttkicking littlest sister by my side. 

Z was born when I was sixteen, but over the past few years we have come to look so similar that we're regularly asked if we are twins. We've taken to responding that, yes, we are twins, but because Z is so powerful, she required an additional 16 years gestation. It only takes a few seconds of knowing her for this to make perfect sense.

We spent this past weekend together, goofing off, drinking gallons of tea, doing yoga, and sleeping together each night in a single twin bed. Magic. She taught me the finer points of instagram (and something called Kik?), we ate our weight in steak at Medium Rare, and I showed her how to make this simple face mask, which I use a few times a week to suck the gunk out of my pores. As soon as I smeared it all over her face, she declared, "My QUEEN! You must write about this on your BLOG!". 

Very well then! Here's the secret sauce:

-One T green clay (you can buy it at most health food stores include WF)
-Squirt of honey
-Squeeze of lemon
-Two drops of tea tree oil
-Enough warm water to form a paste

I often mix this mask up right in the palm of my hand, slap it on, and fold laundry for 15 minutes while it sets. My face really does feel cleaner afterward.  If you can't find the clay and the tea tree oil locally, (or if you want to support a rad company), you can order them from Mountain Rose Herbs. I love them. Most of all, I love this creature:

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