Awesome Ideas: Co-working Spaces like The Makeshift Society

Ever since I found out about the Makeshift Society in San Francisco, I've been dreaming of a creative coworking club in DC. How awesome would it be to have a place that's not work and not home where you can go to get stuff done at big long tables or comfy couches, surrounded by other people on the grind?

Much has been made of the importance of the "Third Place" as a way for people to feel engaged in community and connected to group efforts. I also just feel that I work more efficiently and happily when I am "alone in a crowd".

Since I first moved to DC in 2006 a bunch of coffee shops have opened that do a great job filling that role to some extent, but I think it would be really special to have a place dedicated JUST for co-working that wasn't also worried about meeting food and drink minimums (it's still unclear whether allowing people like me to camp out at their laptops for six hours is really a good business practice anyway).

At the Makeshift, membership is $30 a month, and affords members unlimited access to a communal workspace with a mini kitchen. That's way less than I spend on coffee. The super-awesome Scrap DC is currently renting min-studios at insanely reasonable prices, but I'm more in the market for a big table with a coffeepot nearby.

Anyway, as much I love hanging out with a presspot and a stack of grading at the Big Bear, it's even funner to save cafes for social time with friends (or pleasure reading).

Today, office-less and working from home, I'm fantasizing about how great it would to have that third place in my life, and the creative community that comes with it. I think the exchange of ideas ( or even just the presence of other bodies) would be energizing and fun-- even when the work felt dreary.  The Makeshift Society is opening a Brooklyn outpost soon-- I think DC should be next! Who's with me?


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