Pictures: What I See When I See You: Chet'la

I spent this Friday evening in the community garden with my friend Chet'la, chatting about all kind of things and snapping some pictures. 

It had been a while since Chet'la and I had caught up, and I was honestly more interested in talking to her than in photographing her, so when we reviewed the images, I warned her not to expect anything amazing. She said that just as long as I was feeding her dinner, she didn't mind how the photos turned out.

What she saw shocked her.

In the pictures, as in life, she is stunningly lovely. Calm, dignified, but also full of feist and spirit. 

Chet'la found the images incredibly interesting. She studied them as one might examine artifacts from another time or place. "Dude," I finally said. "Don't you realize that that's what people see when they look at you?"

Of course she didn't. 

None of us, except on really rare occasions, are very good at conceiving of ourselves in the same way others view us, right? 

This is one of my favorite things about photographing people: being able to hand them a photo and say, this what I see when I see you.

Good photos give people a chance to re-see themselves, just for moment, through the eyes of love.

I can't wait to show more and more of the wonderful people in my life what I see when I see them.

 It's remarkably beautiful, the view from here.

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