People: Boots Riley of The Coup

I've been a huge fan of The Coup since senior year at UNC, rocking out to "Baby Let's Have a Baby Before Bush do Something Crazy".

Boots Riley is still awesome, and he's making a ton of sense in today's interview with SF Weekly.

"Making the music that feels emotionally true to me is first. Because there's a lot of revolutionary music that I don't like and that I won't listen to, no matter how much I agree with it. And there's a lot of music that I love that has nothing to do politically with where I'm at."

"I believe that the people I'm talking to already agree with me — they may just use different words for it — and that the main problem is that people don't think that they have the power to do anything about it. It's not, 'I need to expose these wonderful facts to you so that you see them and you change your ways.'.... The only reason people are on different sides has to do with whether or not they think anything can be done."


image credit: Sam Miller

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