Pictures: Peachy Baby Violet

A few weeks ago I finally met Miss Vi.

Although her mama Carolyn has been a friend of mine for years, it was kind of like re-meeting her as well. She's the same wonderful, creative person, but her life is different. She's so excited to have met one of her very best friends.

It is an amazing thing to watch a friend transform into a parent. When I was in grad school with Carolyn years ago, I noticed that her interactions with everyone around her were marked by tenderness and enthusiasm-- talking to her feels like an embrace.

It makes sense then, that she would give us Violet: a child so sweet and juicy and fuzzy and full of smiles that she's very nearly the baby embodiment of a peach.

Violet currently enjoys the following things: breasts, smiling, chatting, putting up her dukes, and breasts.

Carolyn's relationship with her kid is so fun to see-- they totally get a kick out of one another. When I held Vi, she went right into my arms with the self-assurance of a kid who knows that her mama is totally available.

I have a feeling that Vi will go on many cool adventures, always knowing that home is still there, waiting for her.

Go, Violet, go! You are part of an awesome team.

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  1. This is lovely and so true! Captures them both beautifully!