A Few Things I'm Excited About: cobbler, Sorkin, sissy bounce, NC-made clothing, women's health and a little self promotion

This cobbler. I made it this weekend with blackberries as well as peaches and the topping is perfect. Nothing has ever tasted so much like Bisquick that not was not actually made with Bisquick. To my mind, that is a very good thing.

HBO's 'The Newsroom'. Like many of my favorite shows, it took me a hot second to get into the storylines and characters. Now I'm on a roll. Such a fascinating and optimistic look into what the news is, with some great ideas about what the news could be. Also, Aaron Sorkin's dialogue.

Centennial Trading Company is making beautiful menswear in North Carolina. I want to wear it all, but I fear the jeans would not work with my butt. They've got a Kickstarter going right now, with some great deals on forthcoming products. I would work the shit out of that popover with a belt.

This article on The Toast about being a pro-choice doula. The reasoning in this article has some flaws, but her central argument-- that being a doula represents body autonomy in the same way that abortion rights does-- is right on. For the record, practicing as a doula has helped me become almost totally comfortable with abortion as medical procedure and a moral issue.

I launched my photography website today. I'd like people to pay me a small amount of money to take their picture. Tell your friends!

Big Freedia Queen Diva. Don't ask me what sissy bounce is-- just listen.

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