Pictures: Ziva: Yoga in Motion

You know a kid is cool when the best way to get them to come over for a closeup is to yell OH MY GOD LOOK IT'S A REALLY GIANT BUG!

My friend Amelia's daughter, Ziva, is a flurry of activity, and her shenanigans stop for no one. I love toddlerhood because it's an age of total authenticity-- if they hang out with you it's because they want to, not because they are trying to be polite. Otherwise, they go off and do their own thing.

They don't smile on command. If they smile, it's because they think something is awesome.

And if you want to hang with them, it's best to cut the bullshit and go hunting for rad insects.

If you are lucky and you can catch them in moment of stillness, you can see them working to absorb and assimilate everything they've just learned.

Then they shake it off and get back in the game. It's a lot like the cycle of yogic breathing. On the inhale we nourish ourselves. aAt the top of the breath we pause to digest. Then we exhale to eliminate what we don't need. Toddler are very yogic creatures in general, and not just because they are quite bendy.

They are masters at just being here. Hanging out. And moving forward on impulse.

We benefit so much from being near them, but they aren't here to be our teachers. They are here to find rad insects.


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